Recipe | Cold Brewed Coffee.

Cold-brewed coffee is just not the same as iced coffee, although cold or over ice is often consumed. Cold-brews are made by steeping ground coffee beans in water rather than using hot water. It doesn’t need any special machinery or equipment, and it’s extremely simple to make. Although the process produces a great coffee tasting cup, it takes a long time (almost 12 hours), so you must plan earlier.

Ingredients required

  • One cup of coffee

Steps To Make Cold-Brewed Coffee:

Firstly, you have to collect all the components together.

Secondly, grind a cup of coffee beans

Third, you have to add the ground coffee into a large container. Then, slowly pour 4 cups of water over the coffee beans until the coffee is completely saturated.

Fourthly, you need to cover the bottle with a plastic wrap. After that, keep it in the refrigerator and allow it to cool for 12 hours or more.

Fifthly, you need to filter out the coffee beans and pour slowly to prevent overflowing the filter. Any water filter can do that, just use what is most advantageous. It is simple and inexpensive to set a coffee filter paper within a funnel. A cold-brew creator has a filter which is built-in. Push on the plunger while using a French press and pour your coffee as usual. You may also trap the larger particles using a fine-mesh strainer or sieve.

Sixthly, Keep the filtered cold-brew in a refrigerator in an air-tight jar. It will stay up fresh for a week at least.

Now it is ready, and you can serve it to all.

Choose here to make your home brewed cold coffee.

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