Cuban Coffee

Cuban coffee is sweet, creamy, and tasty with. Generally, it’s offered after dinner and while you’re enjoying this beverage with relatives and friends, there’s no need for sweets. A special technique is needed that produces shots of espresso with a fine coating of watery cream on the top. The cream is made with sugar, no milk, unlike many other espresso drinks, so there’s no need to have an expensive coffee maker in the house. A 6-cup or 9-cup cooktop coffee machine or mocha pot works well for making Cuban coffee. It is simple to brew the coffee and perfect-ground Cuban coffee renders it good. Freshly ground coffee beans are just as good at functioning.

Total Time Taken To Prepare Cuban Coffee- 20 minutes

Ingredients required

One and a half cup of water

One-fourth cup of white sugar

One fourth or half cup of coffee powder as per your requirement

Procedure for making Cuban Coffee

At first, you need to collect all the items. Then brew coffee according to the package recommendations by using perfect-ground coffee in a large stovetop coffee maker.
After that, add the sugar to a glass measuring cup with a minimum capacity of 2 cups.
Add about 1 tablespoon of sugar after a little bit of coffee has been brewed. In a small dish, reserve a little amount of coffee concentrate to use if required. To successfully complete brewing, put the pot back on the stove.
Then you have to use a spoon to mix the sugar strongly to make the espuma, until it becomes light brown in colour for two to three minutes.
Now, pour the coffee over the espuma when the coffee has been completed brewing and mix it properly.
And finally, pour it into individual cups and serve it to all.

For the recipe, choose your coffee here.

We are here to let you in on everything we know about coffee!☕

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